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The Voter Friendly Campus program recommends institutions use Strengthening American Democracy: A Guide for Developing an Action Plan to Increase Civic Learning, Political Engagement, and Voting Rates Among College Students. NASPA and Campus Vote Project created this document with partners from the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition to be an adaptable tool for assisting institutions in crafting robust written plans for civic learning and democratic engagement.

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Why your school is interested in the designation and the top three goals for democratic engagement during the fall semester.

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Who is on your coalition and why they are key to your democratic

engagement work.

  • A well-rounded coalition will include students, faculty, administrators, and election partners.

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What will you be doing in the fall and how will you be doing it.

Make sure to try and include all four pillars:

  • Voter Registration
  • Voter Education

  • Voter Turnout

  • Students as Voter Advocates

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When will you be carrying this work out on your campus including dates and resources that would be helpful to complete that work (i.e. voting information posters, student voting guides, nonpartisan ballot guides)

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What does success look like for your campus? How do we measure our efforts?

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