This report emphasizes leadership and goal setting, taking a big picture look at what the 124 designated campuses are doing to institutionalize their democratic engagement efforts.

Campus Report Submission

Submit your campus report by January 31st, 2021


View the list of  Voter Friendly Campus'. Many campuses developed creative ways to engage students. 


The Voter Friendly Campus designation program was started through the partnership of Campus Vote Project and NASPA in 2016. The goal of the program is to help institutions develop plans to coordinate administrators, faculty, and student organizations in civic and electoral engagement.


The Voter Friendly Campus designation helps administrators develop a strategy to engage students and set clear goals so a path can be created in advance of upcoming elections. These activities can be institutionalized for years to come, keeping students engaged as they enter, and move through their time at school.


After colleges and universities execute their plan to help students register and vote campuses will be evaluated and designated as an official Voter Friendly Campus. You can see the 2019-2020 Voter Friendly Campuses here.

2020 Timeline:

Phase 1: Voter Friendly Campus Designation Interest Forms accepted until 250 institutions have applied or January 30, 2020 - Priority Deadline.

Submit Statements of Interest Here

Phase 2: Strengthening American Democracy: A Guide for Developing an Action Plan to Increase Civic Learning, Political Engagement, and Voting Rates Among College Students due May 31, 2020.

Submit Democratic Engagement Action Plans Here


Phase 3: Implementation of new steps to encourage registration and voting ongoing through November 6, 2020.


Phase 4: Voter Friendly Campus Reports due January 31, 2021.


Phase 5: Voter Friendly Campus Designation announced March 2021.


Note: Designation will be valid March 2021 - December 2022.


Fair Elections Center's CAMPUS VOTE PROJECT and NASPA are proud to offer this opportunity to institutions interested in engaging students, faculty, administration, and community partners in the democratic process.  This program is endorsed by American Democracy Project, Students Learn Students Vote, and Young Invincibles.