The following are documents designed to help you formulate your campus plans
Sample Democratic Engagement Plans

Macomb Community College Plan, Final Report

Middlesex Community College Plan, Final Report

University of South Carolina Plan, Final Report

University of Pennsylvania Plan, Final Report

Oberlin College Plan, Final Report

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Utilize online tools such as Rock the Vote or TurboVote to help students get registered.

Pay attention to regulations around Voter Registration Drives by checking out Fair Elections Center’s guides.

Plan and promote your NVRD event. The month of September is considered “National Voter Registration Month” by the National Association of Secretaries of State.


Promote dialogue with tools like iCitizen or Text Talk Vote.

Host debate watch parties, candidate, or issue forums and have students join social media conversations.





Utilize Fair Elections Center and Campus Vote Project's state voting guides to let students know important deadlines and important election information.



Send out campus-wide emails reminding people about mail-in, early voting, or the election so they are prepared to vote.


Recruit students to serve as poll workers.

Provide rides to voting sites or organize a march to the polls.

Plan a party at the polls to make voting a fun social activity.


Learn more about the VFC founding organizations.